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Hi, it's Sean here, owner and operator of GrateGrates.
First off, thank you for visiting my site, my goal is to fabricate the best fire pit and BBQ grates on the market while offering a competitive price.
***You can check most prices and order almost all grates at https://www.grategrates.com/shop  Pricing is calculated by the square inch so use our CALCULATOR in the CUSTOM SIZES page to find the square inches of your grate for ordering.(Square and Rectangle only) Half decagons for fire pits do not require the calculator and can be purchased at https://www.grategrates.com/product-page/half-decagon***
If possible, order your grates from the website, not only does it instantly put your order in my queue, you will not have to wait to receive a quote back from me. This speeds production time of your grate significantly as your order is placed instantly!
If you have a special request, can't find the size grate you need or it exceeds the maximum square inches we offer on the website please fill out the contact form below.

Please Fill Out the Contact Form For a Custom Stainless Steel Grate Quote

Grate Grates manufactures heavy duty stainless steel grates using 304 stainless materials. Our goal is to build a high quality product capable of lasting generations.

All grates are built to order. Please see our products / ordering page for easy ordering. You can order almost any size grate there but if you prefer please fill out the contact form for a custom quote. Check out our photo gallery on the home page, you can also find us on Facebook and Instagram.

Happy Grilling