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Stainless Steel Smoker / Built to Order

Stainless Steel Smoker / Built to Order


Stainless steel smokers built to order! Lead time is approximately 12 weeks. This is a 36" stainless steel smoker with a 23" diameter cooking chamber and side firebox. Each smoker is one of a kind and unique in its own way, you'll never find another one just like it! Every part of these smokers are cut, fabricated and welded by hand except the heavy duty castor wheels. Each smoker takes approximately 80 - 100 hours to fabricate


This smoker will last generations to come and comes with a lifetime warranty. The cooking chamber and firebox are built using 1/8" thick stainless steel material. The firebox has 2 vents for controlling the heat and there is also an adjustable vent on the smokestack.


The wood on the shelf and firebox table is a burnt cedar with lacquer. The side table on top of the firebox is removable and underneath it is a skillet you can use for cooking breakfast on the early morning smokes. Check out all the photos!


The front table hinges up and down and utensil hooks are mounted on the sides of it. There is a drain in the smokechamber to let the dripping out with a stainless drip can to catch them underneath.


We can customize the length of the smoke chamber if you like. Please inquire if you would like a different size!


Limited quantities of material available, once it's gone it may be gone for good!

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